What Clean and Comfortable Toilet Themed Restaurants Offer

Toilet-themed restaurants have become common all over the world. The idea originated in Asia but has spread fast to many other parts of the world. They feature dishes, food items, and seats molded around humanly body functions, bathrooms, and toilet. They have a lot of bathroom equipment theme; almost all equipment like these compared here. They are designed to give customers a crappy dining experience as they sit on toilet seats, order and enjoy eating appetizing foods. The hotels feature black poop chocolate Sunday, golden poop rice braised pork and much more.

Already, there are a few American restaurants that offer defecation themed foods served on toilet-themed utensils. Tofu is one of the foods that has become popular in these hotels.  The hotels are patronized with customers looking forward to a unique dining experience where they enjoy their meals while seated on toilet-shaped stools.

Magic Restroom café is one of the toilet and bathroom-themed restaurants, which has opened its doors to the public.  The beverages and foods are served on some type of urinal or toilet shaped utensils.  Eating and being served drinks in such an environment is what makes the whole idea interesting and lure more people to such restaurants.

The restaurant has a well-trained staff that is ready to assist customers when called upon to do so. If you want to take pictures as you enjoy your meal, the staff will be there to help you.

Diners visiting such spots expect the best right from the lobby that features walls fitted with non-working urinals and the dining halls that feature toilet tables as well as booths decorated with dangling shower heads. The dishes are served in miniature porcelain toilet that compares to the actual toilet. The menu served at some of the restaurants include a thick brown curve, chocolate sundae, and vanilla-strawberry sundae.  The foods are served in a small toilet shaped bowl.

Dining room walls have showerhead and plunger’s hanging all over. Also, there are plenty of feces shaped bulbs that light up the rooms.  The tables have tops shaped like bathroom glass top. The meals are served on plates that resemble toilet bowels while drinks are served in miniature urinal like plastics.

Just like similar outfits in China, South Korea, and the Philippines, which serve local foods, the American based toilet-themed restaurants serve American cuisines. The only difference is that the meals are served in a toilet and bathroom themed environment. The cups, the plates, the tables and the seats borrow a lot from the toilet and bathroom settings. All guests are served on utensils that feature poo like art.

These restaurants give guests a chance to enjoy foods such as mashed potatoes, pecan, sweet tea, field pea, grits, buttermilk biscuits, steak butter fruits, baked sweet, fried green, tomatoes, peas, and butter beans. These are common America cuisines you will find in most of the American restaurants. The only difference is that they are prepared and served in toilet and bathroom themed settings. The idea is to sensitize people on the importance of a clean environment and to enable them to experience a difference when they dine in restaurants with clean and comfortable toilet-themed atmosphere.