5 Best and Affordable Security Features to Install in Your Restaurant


June 4, 2020

Eateries have become an easy target for terrorists and shooters. The relaxing state of revelers makes them vulnerable too.

Both the traditional and modern security systems work well with advanced crime technologies.

Whether it’s a fast-food café or a walk-in hotel or a sit-in kind of restaurant, you should never compromise the security of your employees and customers.

It’s the beginning of your business, downfall. No one wants to visit a place they aren’t sure of their safety.

Access to social media makes the word spread like a bush fire; that’s why it’s essential to install security measures to prevent such cases.

The market has unlimited options when it comes to restaurant protection, it’s upon you as the owner to run due diligence and ask yourself, what do you want to protect, is it your assets or your employees or customers or your bank accounts.

With this information, you make an informed decision on what is ideal at that time. The five primary reasons it’s essential to secure your restaurant include.

  • Prevent burglaries, vandalism and theft cases within the premises
  • Secure your financial accounts
  • Monitor any fishy business within the premise
  • Detect and promptly handle any security breach before it escalates to a dangerous level
  • Prevent the loss of life

In this article, we focus on the best features to install in your restaurant. Besides, we provide in-depth information on their specific functions in the business. Look at these crucial ones

1. CCTV cameras with video surveillance

Video surveillance not only protects the premises but keeps it in check for the early detection of any malicious activity. It’s an excellent way to enhance productivity.

 At a glance, you can see what happens in the kitchen, the time it takes to serve a customer, a suspect who wants to strike among other events.

 It helps to deal with a security breach in time. Moreover, when doing any investigations, they come in handy to provide evidence of what transpired. You are everywhere at the same time.

2. Fire Alarm systems

Empty wood table and Coffee shop blur background with bokeh image.

Occupational Health and Safety standards for a restaurant must have a fire safety policy within the restaurant. It’s one business you can’t afford to risk when it comes to fire outbreaks.

The cooking appliances can shot and cause a massive fire outbreak even to adjacent buildings. It explains why you can’t open your doors without the firemen running an inspection to provide a clean bill of health.

In their checklist, they look for

  • Fire assembly points
  • Fire exits
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Suppression systems
  • Kitchen design and location

In their report, they provide recommendations; never ignore them if you love your business. They seem just reasonable standards until you get a fire outbreak and understand their importance.

3. Armed security guards

The purpose of a private guard handling your restaurant is to create the order as well as ensure there is maximum security right at the entry point.

With the prevailing trend among terrorists eyeing entertainment spots as their natural target, the guard carries out searches for any explosives or guns.

The sensitivity of the use of this security apparatus explains why there is only a single body mandated to license and issue firearms to private citizens in liaison with the military department.

Although there are several shops like Gun N Freedom that stock guns, you must have all the permits before you purchase one. As a business owner, get the correct licenses and consents to have your firearm for self-defense.

 You never know when your enemies will hit. The security guard undergoes the required training on the use of firearms for protection or self-defense. They also understand the standards and procedures used for licensed gun holders.

 It helps them to differentiate them from thugs when they visit your restaurant. Furthermore, they have the skill to face armed shooters.

 Within their jurisdiction, they communicate with state security agencies in case they are overwhelmed and require reinforcement to deal with a security situation.

4. Safe locks

Unless you are a 24-hour service restaurant; you must invest in proper secure locks that give a burglar a run for their time.

Before you wait for the private firms to carry the cash to the banks, they must be kept safe and sound in a safe.

If possible, not all employees should know where the safe is. Most of the safe burglaries are a result of an inside job.

Remember, they love easy targets for they are rushing against time. The secure locks must be water and fireproof. Here are a few factors you need to put in consideration when purchasing a safe lock

  • Storage capacity
  • Weight and size
  • Protection against fire outbreaks
  • Warranty
  • Other safety features

5. Access control systems

The design of your restaurant should be in such a way that, in some places, only authorized staff can access it. Besides, the electronic systems come in handy to enhance security.

The best one is the one that uses the fingerprints as the unlock button. Do you know fingerprints are never the same?

Moreover, password authentication is a plus to add as a security feature. Work within your budget and check what works for you when it comes to the access control system.

The four main types of access control system include

  • Biometric access
  • Door control systems
  • Smart card reader
  • Wired security system

You can’t afford to compromise the security of your business.

The time and money you use to set it up shouldn’t be a waste simply because of ignorance on the simple and affordable security system to install.  Install two or three of these features for a start. With time, focus on essential areas and improve based on the need.

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