5 Digital Tools that Increase your Restaurant`s Productivity


August 9, 2020

It’s the dream of every restaurant owner to make profits and minimize losses. When worst comes to the worst, breaking even is the last option.

All of these are idealist thoughts. The reality on the ground is that any of the three alternatives are possible.

Restaurant business requires a lot of sacrifice and flexibility in decision making to enhance customer loyalty.

You need to have your heads up on the trends and changes in the markets. Your target audience plays a significant role in such decisions.

One of the market trends you can’t fail to ignore is the power of digital technology. As much as inns are walk-ins kind of business, online tools play a vital function in enhancing productivity.

They come with several benefits. Here are a few of them

Why You Need Digital tools for Your Restaurant

  • Supports remote work systems
  • Stores data for future use
  • Automate both front office and back office business operations
  • Hastens delivery of service
  • Ideal for monitoring and evaluation through data analytics
  • Increases your customer base

The digital space has thousands of such tools. It’s impractical to install all of them. Do you need all of them in the first place?

Secondly, you need to gauge what is essential and invest in many of them based on demand to avoid wastage.

The rule here is to try and have at least an online tool for every department to avoid overloading some employees.

5 Digital Tools that Increase your Restaurant`s productivity

1. Online marketing tools

People only know about your restaurant if you focus on influential marketing campaigns targeting specific genre of customers.

You can’t meet the taste of everyone in the market. Understand your customer behavior and where they hang out in the web streets.

With that in mind, offer targeted marketing campaigns and monitor what works. A few marketing strategies relevant for a restaurant include

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Use of blogs
  • Search Engine Optimizations
  • Use multimedia content while sending Email campaigns
  • Use the web and social media influencers

2. POS Systems

The finance department is the crucial sector of your business. It dictates whether you are on the right track or not.

Without digital tools to supports the cash management system, you might not even know whether you are making losses or profits.

Web tools like Point of Sale (POS) services help customers make orders; with your tablet, you get a real-time notification, which you further have a bill to authorize the chef to release food.

What a simple and efficient process. Besides, it comes with the financial billing system to check on sales of the day vs. expenses.

For example, Authority automation explains the importance of the POS system for a pizza restaurant. 

3. Virtual onboarding Package

Avoid expensive training sessions for new employees; instead, use the money to purchase an onboarding package.

At a glimpse, a new worker should now all the corners of the restaurant. With graphics, audio, and video content, let them know what is expected of them.

Use it to show the location of various departments, all these at the comfort of their computer or tablets.

It saves you some money which you need to improve service delivery.

4. Digital table device

One turn off for most customers in a restaurant is the quality of service.

Once there is a queue when making an order, some are impatient and tend to get pissed off by the slow kind of service.

You can lose many customers due to this sluggish uptake of services. Invest in a digital table manager to help you reserve seats, take off orders, and all manner of bookings.

Once a customer makes a reservation, it prevents congestion at the counter. That alone is a plus to your restaurant.

Moreover, it also helps you know what kind of visitors to expect in a day and what to prepare for them.

A digital table is a must-have tool for all busy restaurants to help manage customers and reservations.

5. Online shop app

Increase your audience through online deliveries to accommodate customers who love your food but want it at home.

An online shop comes through for you. The queue is a challenge solved by online shopping packages.

The convenience and comfort that comes with online shoppers come in handy, especially during this lockdown.

An online shop helps you stay afloat when the physical customers seem not to have time to visit your restaurant.

When you have closed shops, the digital kiosks still come through when things are tough and rough.

Do you still doubt the power of technology in improving productivity?

As an entrepreneur, you don’t have to understand all the packages to have them installed.

Use experts and engage the software developers to take you through their products. Ask as many questions as possible.

Remember, they are also in business; in most cases, the installation costs are part of the initial start-up fee, including training.

Your online presence is the first step towards the digitalization of your services. With time look at the challenges and run due diligence if they can be solved using technology.

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