5 Reasons Why Restaurant Employees Should Buy Garment Steamers


January 29, 2019

Each day restaurant employees have to face various obstacles regarding customer service. The more they are going to satisfy their customers the more they are going to earn credibility. One of the problems is that they have to press the clothes on time whether it is a table cover, a cover over the chair or a coat and even their uniforms. Time is the most crucial element in restaurant management. Customers do not wait and are ready to complain about management. Restaurant employees should look neat and clean themselves for greater customer service and their clothes should look nicely pressed. Here, we tell you why restaurants should use steamers instead of iron:

Saves Time & Energy
Iron pressers take a lot of time getting the wrinkles out of the cloths. Iron is a heavier material while steamers get less out of your energy and time. Garment steamers work much faster than the regular flat iron and require less operating space.

Makes Clothes Smoother
Steamers are smooth to work out with. Working out on wrinkled clothes is not an issue anymore. The wrinkles get out conveniently than a flat iron

Less Damage On Clothes
Iron does more damage to your clothes. It is always difficult recovering the damage once it is done on cloths. To save new clothes one must avoid using iron. The reason is iron is strong and it sticks out on cloths faster while steamers do not stick out and steam helps smoothen the cloth easily. However, you should avoid going to high temperatures to save the color of the cloths to be wiped out

More Uses Compared to Iron
Garment steamers provide additional uses and convenience. Streamers are best for silk and other soft fabrics. They are effective for your beaded cloths; long table covers etc. while the iron is only good for short pieces of cloths. You don’t have to drape your table covers awkwardly to iron them. There are other surprising uses of garment steamers as well for example; you can clean your sofas, dust out your drapes. Steamers also remove light carpet stains easily like pet paws or shoe stains. Steamers also are used for sanitizing your kitchen cabinets and to clean greasy surfaces.

Saves Money
Steamers especially handheld garment steamers are cheaper than flat irons. It is better to have a cheap steamer than to have a cheap iron which works worse. Price range is from 15 Dollars to 15 Dollars while a good flat iron costs more.

How to Choose a Garment Steamer?
There is some fact about how to purchase a good garment steamer. It’s the pick among the types and brands that suit your preference. There are steamers that leak too much or do not steam the clothes much effectively. In restaurants, steamers are to be used on a daily basis so one should buy the steamer which is efficient and works smoothly. Cheap steamers do not give much pick and power, while a good steamer is a little costly but its power is amazing as well as there are other features it provides like LED display and vertical steaming.

Stand Steamers are best for heavy clothes and beddings. They have a smart pick for the users, they can provide 60 minutes of steaming time. One should buy steamers which doesn’t leak too much, have more pick and provide more steaming time. In buying home products, make it a point that you pay for the convenience that it gives you in exchange for the amount that you pay for it.

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