Kitchen Sink Features To Know Before Buying For Restaurants


September 18, 2019

 Cleanliness is paramount is the hospitality industry. This is a public place that needs proper sinks to make sure that the hands and utensils are properly washed. This is not just a simple sink because you need one for the kitchen and one where your customers will be able to wash their hands. This is the reason why there are sinks for domestic use and commercial use. There are crucial kitchen sink features to consider before you make any purchase. The sink with great features responsible for commercial use include

The bowl

The bowl has two purposes, it holds water and also the utensils that you may need in food preparation. It should be large enough and made of metal that does not react with water since they come in contact with water all the time. Granite is a better material than stainless steel because it is easy to clean and also durable, thanks to the hard material that it is made of.

Flat bottom

You are dealing with a kitchen tool that holds delicate glasses. The lower part of the sink must have a flat bottom to hold several glasses to prevent them from falling over and causing unnecessary accidents.

Rear drains

The odor from the waters of the sink can be disgusting. You need an odorless environment while preparing dinner for the guests. A good sink must have the rear drains to remove excess water from the sink without making them clog on the bottom part of the sink which can cause more challenges.


This is a function that uses the no-ridge methodology that allows a swift flow of the debris also to prevent any solid wastes from accumulating under the sink.


As much as we look at the features that enhance functionality; it is important to also look at the beauty of the sink in such a way that it pleases to the eyes of the customers and the employees. This looks at the shape of the sink which can also enhance the aesthetic value.

Sound-proof sink

You need to have a silent restaurant that gives the guests ample time and all the peace and comfort that it requires. It is essential to purchasing a sink that is made of a material that will make less sound when it contacts with the dishes especially the cooking pots and the glasses.

Easy-to-clean sink

As much as you are trying to add a touch of beauty to the sinks, you should not forget that this should be in line with the cleaning method. When many corners accumulate the wastes that may be hazardous to the users. Sinks is a must-have tool in any quotation of a plumber since it plays an important role when it comes to fulfilling the last flow of water from the tanks to the septic tanks. It makes work easy and flexible to restaurant owners. This gives them ample time to concentrate on other tanks that are of importance to generate revenue.

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