Our Story

This restaurant started a few years ago when the founders saw the need for a restaurant of high caliber. The aim wasn’t to create something expensive, but rather a place with good taste and high service standards. That’s what bore the dream of Chop Shop Seattle. In the beginning, it was barely another restaurant around the corner because nobody saw our potential.

Thankfully, the owners did and thus, refused to give up so early. After a few months and some customers, our food and service began to speak for themselves. Meanwhile, we also realized the need for a thorough rebranding of the establishment. That’s when we arrived at what we have today. One constant thing, though, is us prioritizing our guests above everything.

Contact Us!

Most people shy away from feedback in this business, but not us. We understand that our customers are the best critiques we have, and so we always look forward to getting feedback from you. We assure you that you’re essential to us and the bane of our establishment. Therefore, we’d love to hear your concerns and ways you think we can improve our services.

Hence, we implore you to feel free to message us with your feedback, whether positive or not. Please send a message using the available form on the page or reach us via other channels. You can also make reservations or inquiries, and we assure you we’ll respond as soon as possible.