Restaurants and GPS: How They Differ 


February 24, 2017

Dining at restaurants is an important part of modern living. Fine dining is not just about the food. Restaurants are socially important institutions where people can meet and catch up with each other. The ambiance and atmosphere of a restaurant are just as important as the quality and the taste of the food served. With such a high demand for gourmet food, a number of joints have opened shop all over the world, each serving something unique and tantalizing. It can be easy to get lost in the sea of choice when choosing a restaurant. If selecting a restaurant wasn’t hard enough, you also have to find your way to it. Thankfully GPS navigation makes this task an easy affair.

Millions of people rely on GPS to get around their city. It’s hard to get lost if you own a GPS. The directions it gives show the most efficient route to your destination. Many GPS units also feature inbuilt Points of Interest (POI), including restaurants. Thus, a GPS can also help you to discover a restaurant and show you how to reach it quickly.

There are many similarities between the GPS and restaurant industries. Both place a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and quality of service. They share a strong focus on innovation. However, the list of differences between the restaurant and the GPS industry is much longer.

For one, restaurants can be small scale. While there are numerous chain franchises such as Subway, McDonald’s and KFC, the majority of eateries are locally operated establishments. Restaurants are a prime example of small scale businesses. It’s not uncommon to find a diner run by just a single family. Despite the limited amount of resources available to them, they’re still capable of dishing out tasty food that people enjoy eating. In the restaurant industry, even small players can compete with the established giants. In fact, many people prefer the homely atmosphere and affordable price of local joints.

Now compare this to the GPS industry. GPS companies are technological giants that invest millions of dollars to come up with the next big innovation in the field of navigation. It’s virtually impossible for a single person to start a GPS company. Thousands of dollars worth of funding is required to be able to even design a navigation system, let alone manufacture it. This is due to the vast sums of capital required to get started in the field. A GPS is not a simple device. Money needs to be spent to design the unit, develop accurate maps, write the software which runs it and pay the fee for using satellite systems.

Then there’s the matter of employment. The restaurant industry mainly employs people for waiting tables and taking orders. These are low paying jobs that can be performed by anyone. Diligent work can lead to an employee being promoted into management positions where the main focus is on building rapport with customers and taking care of any complaints they may have. Specialized positions include those for cooks, chefs and other workers involved in the kitchen.

Being technology companies, GPS manufacturers only hire specially trained engineers with a strong understanding of software or electronics and digital circuits. They employ skilled engineers to design their products and devise a manufacturing process for them. As most contenders in the GPS industry are large companies, they also have departments responsible for sales, marketing, and customer service. While positions in these fields may be easier to get into, jobs are far fewer in number as the main focus of a GPS company is in its R&D department.

In conclusion, both GPS and restaurant industries are important parts of modern society that provide facilities which enrich people’s daily lives. While their dedication to providing value to customers is the same, the way they go about doing this is vastly different. A motorcyclist will use helmet and prevent head injury with this helmet just like a restaurant industry you will use strategy to prevent your restaurant from falling down. ¬†Regardless of the differences of a restaurant and GPS industry, they’re both important to the fabric of modern society.



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